The Grover Beach church of Christ is celebrating its 72nd year since it was established.


In 1946, the land was purchased at 202 South 8th Street, where the church had been meeting in a tent.  A modest church building was built with the help and guidance of Bro. Norman who was the first preacher.  In 1951, Bro. Norman resigned and went to Ventura.  Kenny Rodriguez preached while working for the post office until 1963.  In 1964 Homer Gifford became the minister for one year.  Norman Westergard followed and stayed a year.  In 1966, Russell Wilson assumed the position until 1971.  Rob Redden succeeded him in 1971 until 1977.  Richard Wallers served until 1982, and Rob Redden returned and has been the minister since then.  He has served the church as minister for a total of 40 years.


In 1961, the small church was sold and moved off the property, and a new, larger church was built.  It was remodeled in 1982 with a second story and multipurpose room.


The church had a thriving Bus Ministry in the 70’s busing in as many as 30 children each Sunday.


In the 80’s, Rob prepared and recorded his weekly thirty minute radio program which lasted ten years.


In the 90’s the church sent the monthly publication, From House To House, into more than one thousand homes in the Five Cities area for a year.


The church has hosted monthly preachers’ meetings for over 45 years.  Rob is the chairman of these meetings.  Preachers receive training and are given an opportunity to sharpen their skills in research and writing manuscripts which are read to the group.


Rob has provided advanced training for preachers on the church premises in Biblical Languages.


The church has produced a daily email devotion called Daily Devotional for the last eight years.  Rob Redden is the editor and one of several writers for this outreach.


The church has produced four gospel preachers.  One has since passed away.