When you visit us, you will discover a family like atmosphere where we strive to radiate the spirit of Christ. We realize people are often anxious when they walk into a new church not knowing what to expect. For that reason, we want you to know we consider you our honored guests and we will be friendly but not to excess.

The New Testament Church placed the foremost focus on Jesus’ death and observed the Lord’s Supper each Lord’s Day, Sunday, to commemorate His sacrifice. You will see that focus each time you visit our church. You are welcome to participate in this divine supper with us.

We assure you there will be no pressures for you to do anything. We won’t even ask you to make an offering to our church. That’s a very private matter between you and the Lord.

There will be no surprises. We are a non-charismatic church, which means there will be no outbursts of emotionalism, or other demonstrative events.

We invite everyone to join in singing praises. Our song director selects hymns that most people know, or are simple enough to sing even if they are new. We will have a few prayers, and a scripture reading.

Our service will last about an hour; the sermon lasts about thirty minutes or less. You will find the sermons to be uplifting and informative. Opinions are recognized as such, and every effort is made to teach informative and practical messages from God’s word.

We will ask those who need prayers for themselves or others to fill out prayer request cards and place these in the collection basket. At the end of the service, we will read the cards and ask the Lord to bless each of those requests listed on the cards.

We will also ask visitors to fill out visitors’ cards and place them in the collection basket. We will respect your privacy, and not share your personal information outside our church.

We will never close a sermon without offering an invitation for people to obey the gospel and be baptized, or for those who are erring from the faith to rededicate their lives to the Lord. If someone wishes to be baptized, we invite you to stay and witness this event.

We want everyone who visits the Grover Beach Church of Christ to have a positive experience, and leave uplifted and challenged to put into practice the teachings of the Lord.

We believe the beauty of our service is its Christ centeredness, and its simplicity.